South of the River. (12)

OLD GEEZER (1):    ‘Figured out why aliens haven’t been in touch.’

OLD GEEZER (2):    ‘ This better be good.’

Mental health problems!

I’m listening.

Life evolves everywhere in the universe….eventually to questioners…then believers… for a while.

For a while?

We believed the Earth was flat… that everything revolved around us…

How wrong we were!

We found out stuff… our galaxy was not the whole picture….the universe is getting bigger… and began at some point.

The Big Bang.

It happened on a Tuesday by the way.  6 to 1 odds.


March…..11 to 1.


Can’t be exact. Night though…. it was very dark.

Get back to aliens suffering from depression!

The universe will end…..either getting so everything runs out of steam and is reduced to photons that will, for a while, pass in the ‘night,  or ..will implode and disappear up its own arse.

We’re all doomed Captain Mainwaring!

Realising this inevitability…  future chaps will stop reproducing… go extinct and be replaced by another species … not yet aware of its  own irrelevance…

We have time for another  game…. your box.