Old Geezer 1:  Get that down yer!

Old Geezer 2:   Cheers!

Watched  an interesting documentary last night.


You know you said we had similar DNA to chimps.

About 98%.

Well, that small difference accounts for our bigger brain, so we are creative and have self- awareness.


That’s your considered scientific response?

Though we are definitely creative. Auschwitz for example.

Oh God! Where’s this going?

Auschwitz wasn’t big enough… wasn’t  ‘FIT FOR PURPOSE’…. so Auschwitz 2… Birkenau was created… complete with gas chambers…then Auschwitz 3…built by private industry by the way. Enabled them to murder 1.3 million in just 4 years!  As for self-awareness…. we’re the only species that knowingly destroys its natural habitat!  DUH!

You’re getting a reputation…as a misanthrope.

There’s a lot to be  ‘mis’ about!

What about the  ‘good’  guys. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mandela….Albert Schweitzer?

For every Albert Schweitzer there are 10,000 Pol Pots!

If things are so grim why carry on , why suffer the slings and arrows?


Don’t tell me… Interest is the key to life

Interest is the clue

Interest is the drum and fife

And any God will do!

I need a drink…. your round!