OLD GEEZER 1. :  Done your Christmas shopping?

OLD  GEEZER2. :   Seriously? Shopping….the opium of the masses!

I liked the old Christmas…. Carols, nativity scenes….

Religious Humbug….human vanity.

How come?

We’re just mammals…like giraffes…. dolphins….kangaroos.


Marsupials are mammals too.  Do you think there’s a giraffe  God who created the world in six days and made giraffes in his image. Or a kangaroo joey who was crucified for all the sins of kangaroos. 

If you put it like that…

We’re born, we live, we die…everything else is vanity.

But we’re very different from them.

What about primates…we share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. Is there a chimp heaven and hell….an orang utan purgatory?

So you don’t think we’re a special case?

(OG2  gobs on floor)


See that… there’s millions of bacteria in that spit…each one as significant as you in the great scheme of things.

You’re comparing us to microbes.

We’re closest to the AIDS virus.


HIV destroys its host…the human body. Our host is the Biosphere which we’re systematically attacking.

Merry Christmas!   So… the perfectability of man is off the agenda?

There’s only one perfectability worth striving for.

Pray tell?

The perfectability of Cribbage….deal the  cards!