OLD GEEZER (1):  I see old Trump’s gone OTT …..again!

OLD GEEZER (2):   Beyond the Pale!

He can’t take all the blame though.

Why not?

He may have been alone in the Book Depository…. but there were  62,984,828 Americans on the Grassy Knoll.

Carrying on the great tradition of Republican presidents….. Nixon!

Enough said!


Apparently he developed Alzeimer’s.

How could they tell?

The Bush family….in bed with the Bin Ladens…. gave them safe passage out of the country after 9/11… not to mention Osama getting his CIA paycheck!

Democrats not much better… Kennedy and Johnson began using Agent Orange in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

After the British had used it in Malaysia!

You know , if you travel by train in Vietnam today you can get a discount if you’re elderly ,a student …. or a victim of Agent Orange!

Let’s make America great again!

Let’s have a drink…..your shout!