South of the River. (6)

OLD GEEZER. (1).  Good Lord. Listen!   ”Je  t’aime…..” on a pub Jukebox!

OLD GEEZER. (2).   What does it mean anyway?

I love you…not as much as me…. or some such.

God knows. The French… all mouth and no trousers when it comes to sex.

Should have Chakachas  …. Jungle Fever, on the Jukebox.

That would put you off your darts!

Would put you off your dominoes!

Most erotic songs?

Midnight at the Oasis.. Maria Muldaur.

I’m on fire….. Bruce Springsteen.

Twist and shout…. the Beatles.

Hang on Sloopy… the McCoys.


‘Sloopy let your hair down, girl…


I was thirteen… I had stirrings!

Deal the cards!