Is there Life on Mars?


1. THE UNIVERSE IS TOO YOUNG.  It is believed that the BIG BANG occurred 12.8 billion years ago. It took Life  on our planet this time to evolve to a point where we could send a message to the rest of the universe. If this is typical throughout the cosmos then it will be some time before we get a reply.

2. WE’RE ALL DOOMED CAPTAIN MAINWARING! Life may be a universal given, like gravity. Under certain conditions PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY will combine to create BIOLOGY. Life evolves to a point where it becomes self-conscious and after the initial era of vanity; religion and creation ‘myths’,  the inevitable endgame is apparent. Eventually we’ll have a very large, but finite, number of photons zapping around an endless and expanding universe becoming more and more remote from one another. In effect; nothingness.