South of the River (4)

OLD GEEZER (1).      ‘Told you, I win big.  Ninety’s your lot!’

OLD GEEZER(2).        ‘Skunk.’

Bad loser!’

‘No, Skunk. If a player wins by 30 or more it’s a Skunk and he gets an extra game point.


‘Yep, I looked it up in official crib rules….. by 60 or more it’s a Double Skunk.’

‘Maybe we should adopt this into our rules?’

‘Only if we include ‘Muggins’ ….. I’m always showing you points you miss.’

‘  ‘Honour of Crib!’  ‘

‘By the way, I’m off next month.’

‘Where to this time?’



‘You’d like India.’

‘I doubt it.’


‘What else?’

‘Second Test…. India vs England … at Bangalore!’

‘Keep talking.’


‘Hm.  Do  you want another pint?’

‘Just a half.’